Understanding the xSwatch4 theme

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Understanding the xSwatch4 theme

Understanding the xSwatch4 theme Choose the xSwatch4 theme for your website and arrange it exactly as you wish.

This very detailed tutorial will explain how this theme is structured and will guide you step by step to adapt it to your needs.

The xSwatch4 theme is already integrated in XOOPS 2.5.11-Beta1 (development version) and also available for download on monxoops.fr for those using XOOPS 2.5.10 (production version).
Downloadable here: xSwatch4-enabled

xSwatch4 is a very functional and modern theme that brings together a large number of advantages for both the site visitor and the webmasters.
Indeed, here are some of its features:

21 themes in 1
Choose a variation of the theme from 21 variations from https://bootswatch.com/4/.
theme using Bootstrap 4 for optimal user experience on smartphone.

Administrator toolbar
Direct access to all administration features from the FrontOffice.

Many overloads in Bootstrap 4
Many module templates available in Bootstrap 4 for Responsive display of your site and pre-installed in the right place.

Direct access to block management
From the FrontOffice, click directly on the block you wish to edit.

Unread private messages PopUp window
Opening a PopUp window for any new unread private messages.

Customize and override Bootstrap definitions
Add your own CSS definitions and override the Bootstrap one.

Coockies consent is built into this theme.

Light variant/dark variant switchover
This thème has a light variant if your operating system is in light mode and will switch to a dark variant if your operating system is in dark mode.

A carousel with 3 scrolling images has been implemented.