Using WAMP Neard with XOOPS

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Using WAMP Neard with XOOPS

Using WAMP Neard with XOOPS This comprehensive 10-step tutorial will guide you through installing, configuring and setting up Neard, a WAMP suite.

You will learn how to set up a virtual host, install different versions of PHP, and organize folders to host XOOPS in optimal conditions.

XOOPS Installation: Creating a tree structure

We previously decided to place Neard in the D:\web\neard folder.
The default website root folder is located under D:\web\neard.

The website can be reached:
- either by typing directly from a browser in the address bar: http://localhost,
- or by clicking from the Neard application on the "Local Host" icon.

The website provided at installation is a page concentrating quite a bit of information related to the setup of Neard, so we will leave the existing www folder as is.

So we will create folders for each of our projects and this is outside the neard folder.

Let's say we want to install a XOOPS to do some testing. We will call this project xoops-tests.
We will therefore create a structured tree structure to host the project under D:\web\projets-web:

D:\web\projets-web Web projects folder

xoops-tests xoops-tests project folder

www Root folder of the xoops-tests website

xoops-secure-ad2tj5kp Security folder that holds the folders xoops_data and xoops_lib, located outside the root of the website

docs Directory to store various documents and images for the construction of the site

Now that the structure is defined and created, we will take care of generating an Apache virtual host under Neard.