Tutorial on understanding xSwatch4

09/13/2021 22:50
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Tutorial on understanding xSwatch4

Tutorial on understanding xSwatch4

We have prepared for you a very complete tutorial on the xSwatch4 theme.
This very detailed 15 step tutorial will give you a good understanding of how the XOOPS system works.
It will give you a good vision of how it works and will allow you to completely control the design of your site.

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to intervene on the theme and adapt it exactly to your requirements as a designer.

Please note that some pages are only available to members of monxoops.fr.
You just need to be registered and logged in.
Registration is free of charge.

Go to the tutorial Understanding the xSwatch4 theme

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Published 10/03/2021 22:38
Updated 10/04/2021 14:28
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 Tutoriel xSwatch4 : 1000 lectures

Tutoriel mis en ligne le 13/09/2021.
3 semaines plus tard, nous avons dépassé les 1000 lectures !

Published 10/13/2021 8:51
Updated 10/13/2021 8:56
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 Tutoriel xSwatch4 : vidéo démo mode clair/sombre

Le tutoriel a été actualisé avec l'ajout d'une vidéo de démonstration qui montre comment le thème réagit losrqu'on passe le système du mode clair au mode sombre et inversement.

Tutoriel : Comprendre le thème xSwatch4
Page : Choix des variantes (Lien direct)

Published 11/20/2021 0:11
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 Tutoriel xSwatch4 : 3000 vues

Nous sommes fiers de voir que ce tutoriel a maintenant dépassé les 3000 lectures !