XOOPS - Online Help

Online help

An online help is available on the administration side of the site.
It is contextual, i.e. the information provided is that of the page displayed:
  • Help on the page of a component of the XOOPS administration
  • Help on the page of an element of a Module
  • Currently, it is possible to find 2 different icons depending on the administration theme chosen:

Examples of online help
Help on the mailing tool
  • Help: Email Users

    XOOPS has a built in messaging system that enables you to send a message to your entire registered user base or subgroups thereof, or using date filters. This can be in the form of a private message (i.e. through the XOOPS built-in messaging system) or through an email. A range of options is available for filtering out subgroups of users from your membership.

    You can also use predefined tags that will enable you to personalize your message.