Using Font Awesome icons in a XOOPS theme

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Using Font Awesome icons in a XOOPS theme

Using Font Awesome icons in a XOOPS theme Want to use the beautiful icons Font Awesome available for free (in part) in your XOOPS thème?

Then this tutorial is written for you! Note that it will be based on a XOOPS thème but you can follow it using any non-XOOPS theme.

Icon library Font Awesome

This icon library has been a great success for the following reasons:

  • Graphic quality,
  • Homogeneity between elements,
  • Easy to install,
  • Ease of use,
  • Number of icons available,
  • Well documented,
  • Free (some styles),
  • Can be used for all projects, even commercial ones.

Here are some examples of icons:

Available icons page

This tutorial will take you step by step through how to install this library and then how to use it in XOOPS.
As it is totally independent from XOOPS, you can follow this tutorial even if you use another CMS or if you code your own web pages.
The idea is to use this library to bring graphic and design elements to your web pages to support your textual content.

A tutorial specific to the use of Font Awesome in desktop applications is also available.
Using Font Awesome icons in desktop applications
Similar tutorial dedicated to applications.